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Renew Michigan believes in a clean energy future for a state we love; A Michigan with good-paying jobs, clean air, safe water, and healthier communities; A prosperous Michigan that will be protected for future generations.

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We serve as a place where people throughout the state are coming together to support a transition away from dirty, polluting energy to a clean, energy-efficient, thriving economy.

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“We often think that the world doesn’t need us, that someone else is going to take care of its issues. However, it’s us who influence positive or negative things. Start now.”

Mark Hamilton


Michigan has received a failing grade for for air quality atop of emissions of heavy metals and acid gases from coal plants that have polluted the Great Lakes and Michigan’s inland lakes, rivers and streams.

Mercury from coal plants becomes a potent neurotoxin that contributes to the restrictions on fish consumption affecting Michigan’s surface water resources.

Statewide Pollution Contamination
Deaths Per Year From Air Pollution
Serious Illnesses Annually From Pollution

Fortunately, there is something we can do.

Our state possesses weather conditions optimal for solar and wind energy developments. And such renewable energy developments are capable of helping mitigate this pollution of the past while bringing affordable, clean power to our communities while boosting our local economy.

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